Think, Feel, Do, and Live, and Be Bettr: This is how Bettr Barista was born when one-coffee loving woman decided that there was a better, more meaningful way to do business.


What began as a home-grown specialty coffee company in 2011 has become a leading provider of professional coffee education, specialty coffee products for retail and wholesale, and a provider for large scale events services for corporates. We retail all manner of coffee-related products ranging from bar tools to books, capsules to subscriptions - Bettr Coffee Company is a one stop shop for all your coffee habits, addictions, and curiosities. 

Bettr Coffee Company comprised an ISO 22000-certified coffee roastery, an events arm offering full-service mobile coffee experiences, sustainably sourced coffee products as well as retail bars serving coffee to the community. With every Bettr cup of coffee, you’re helping to change lives by supporting The Bettr Group’s social initiatives, including: 

  • Nurturing direct trading relationships with our partner farms to optimise the commercial benefit to these farmers and their extended communities. 
  •  Running vocational programmes and micro-enterprise opportunities for marginalised women and youth-at-risk. 
  •  Reducing our carbon footprint by repurposing and recycling materials that go into our coffee operations, and using compostable/biodegradable/recyclable serveware.


Our signature blends are carefully crafted to combine the best beans for a new, memorable experience of coffee flavors. We are constantly building relationships with smallholders to support the best practices, and share the best coffee. Taste a blend of coffee from India and Colombia, or try a single origin from Myanmar. You can count on discovering something new at Bettr Coffee Company.

We endeavor to connect with coffee lovers everywhere through a range of curated experiences - from mobile coffee brew bars at large-scale events to coffee appreciation and team building workshops held on their premises, or yours. 

"Coffee tastes have changed so much since 2012. Since then, we began working at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today, we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit. We find that people on both sides of the counter are learning and developing their palates." -Pam Chng, Founder

We are also proud to support - 

We are committed not only to bring you the best coffee, but to amplify social good across the communities we touch.