Here at Bettr Coffee Co., we offer a variety of products and services that our customers can experience. Each experience is specially tailored to ensure that the interactions and experiences are uniquely Bettr.



I had engaged Bettr Barista, a local social enterprise, during one of our STB’s MasterMICE programme – a 2-day training event which brought back all of our foreign colleagues based in our regional offices - to provide them a local authentic experience of tasting and learning key unique aspects of local coffee. Bettr Barista proposed a 4-station layout whereby my delegates could roam around to explore different types of activities such as latte art making, cold brew, sock-brewing etc. Most of our delegates had positive feedback that the staff of Bettr Barista were engaging, professional and patient. They were punctual and prompt when setting up, and friendly to all attendees. Reception was indeed excellent and I want to thank the Bettr Barista team for being such an excellent enterprise to work with. Working with the key contact person, Mr Joel Gan, was also a breeze. He was friendly and flexible in his approach; customising to your organisation’s needs at his utmost best. I definitely would recommend Bettr Barista for any of your future corporate events. It is indeed gratifying to see such an amazing local social enterprise providing job opportunities for the disadvantaged and at the same time, serving great coffee and knowledge to the public. 

— Lloyd Lam, Singapore Tourism board