Coffee & Chocolate Taster Set

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About this Kit

Discover the delicious pairing of coffee and chocolate with this set, consisting of our single origin coffees in the form of easy-to-use drip bags paired with our Bold & Wild or Orange coffee chocolate! 

Our single-serve drip bags are perfect for those who work from home and would like to keep away from the mess of coffee grounds and cleaning up. These compact and efficient drip bags require less prep time without compromising the coffee's quality and flavours - the ideal quick caffeine fix!

Perk up your day and make the perfect cuppa paired with a sweet treat by simply tearing open the single-serve drip bag, pouring hot water over the coffee grounds and removing the drip bag from your cup once the brew has been fully drained. 

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Box 1: Coffee & Chocolate Taster Set
- 7 x Argopuro, East Java Walida Cooperative Anaerobic Natural single-serve drip bags
- 2 x Orange Coffee Chocolate


Box 2: Coffee & Chocolate Taster Set
7 x Colombia Las Brisas single-serve drip bags
- 2 x Bold & Wild Coffee Chocolate

Argopuro, East Java Walida Cooperative Anaerobic Natural
This delicate, natural anaerobic processed coffee comes from Tlogosari village in the foothills of Mt. Argopuro in East Java. It is our first direct trade coffee from Indonesia — we work with the next-generation Indonesian coffee professionals committed to developing the quality and sustainability of Indonesian coffee. Our partners at Belift Green Beans choose farmers who are willing to embrace changes and consistently work with them, investing in process improvement techniques. The coffees are direct trade, hand-picked and sorted, cupped by Q grade, and assessed by many of the local coffee experts.

Colombia Las Brisas
Las Brisas is the Spanish word for the breeze, cool and refreshing air flowing through the trees during a long day of working in the field. The coffee from Las Brisas is bright with notes of orange and peach with a delicate but long-lasting finish. The farmers from Municipality of Rioblanco have made great leaps to consistently produce high-quality coffee, and continue to seek out ways to improve. Quality control techniques include slow drying, manual defect removal, specialised tree care, long fermentation processes, picking mature cherries, better benefits and reinvesting into farm infrastructure. 

Bold & Wild Coffee Chocolate
Wildness Dark Chocolate with Bettr Coffee Bold Heart Beans. This chocolate is two forms of comfort in one bite. Made with 57% dark chocolate and freshly roasted coffee beans. Freshly roasted Bold Heart beans resemble flecks of gold nestled into the Wildness Organic chocolate and a burst of coffee crunch accentuates the smooth, dark chocolate.

Orange Coffee Chocolate
The Orange Coffee Chocolate is a decadent combination of rich dark chocolate with zingy orange peel and freshly roasted coffee beans. A 100% delicious chocolate that is zero waste and does good for the environment!

How to prepare:

Step 1: Tear open drip bag along the perforation and separate filter opening

Step 2: Pull apart hangers and clip onto your coffee cup rim

Step 3: Gently and evenly pour 150ml hot water into the drip bag till the surface of the coffee bed is fully saturated

Step 4: Drip for 20-30 secs before disposing. Enjoy your coffee!


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