[Bettr x "I AM"] Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon - Anniversary Edition Coffee Beans (200g)

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About This Coffee

For our 10th anniversary, we celebrated a Decade of Dedication to the social contribution, our people, love of coffee, and using business as a force for good. To symbolise 10 Bettr years, our special Anniversary Edition coffees were each chosen for their significance in our journey in the last decade.

Bettr supports the “I AM” campaign through the partnership with the Alliance for Active Action Against HPV (A4HPV), a ground-up group that believes in empowering everyone to build a Bettr World without cervical cancer.

Our first Rwandan beans are direct-trade from Kinunu Agroprocessing, a family-owned farm on the shores of Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda. With the country having one of the highest rates of cervical cancer, Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon supports women coffee farmers and contributes to raising awareness on cervical cancer. $10 of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go to supporting the I AM Campaign to help end cervical cancer in Singapore and Rwanda.

The “I AM” bags are designed by Singapore youth creative talents and hand-sewn by groups of individuals facing unemployment issues through the Threads of Courage initiative. The sale of bags is non-commercial and all funds collected through the bags or donations collected through this “I AM” Campaign goes purely into the activities of A4HPV to drive cervical cancer elimination. 

Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon - Anniversary Edition Coffee Beans (200g) - $26
Rwanda Kinunu Agroprocessing Bourbon - Anniversary Edition Coffee Beans (200g) & "I AM" Buddy Bag - $36

The designs of the tote bags will be given out randomly and while stocks last.

This coffee is available in single-serve drip bags



Processing Method:
Washed Process

Tasting Notes: 
Plum, Red Apple, Dark Chocolate

Our Anniversary coffees are roasted to order, allowing us to serve you with coffee of quality and freshness. Orders received by 12pm on Friday will be placed into next week's roasting schedule on Monday or Tuesday and will be delivered in 4 - 10 working days. Shipping to the USA would take additional 3 - 8 days. Shipments are subject to duties and taxes levied by customs in the destination country and the costs are born by the receiver. 

If you opt to self-collect your beans, please do so within the week of receiving your pick-up notification to ensure the freshness of your beans. 


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